About - Sandpit



Six things you should know about Sandpit:

1. We create, consult and collaborate on a variety of design projects from apps
to installations.

2. We work in a way that is human focused and creates opportunities for collaborators to better connect with and understand their audiences.

3. We are excited by genuinely communicating ideas and creating memorable and surprising experiences. We don’t do showy language or tech for tech’s sake.

4. We have a talented team of creatives, designers and developers who can tackle any project.

5. We specialise in bringing together the personality of analog features with the innovation of digital technology.

6. We invented a platform called Cipher that can be used as a shortcut for the backend on a variety of different projects. More about that below.


About Cipher

Cipher is a powerful and agile experience platform that underpins all of our work and drives the projects that Sandpit is known for.

Whether it be a landing page, web-connected object, NFC tag or virtual reality app, Cipher speaks with them all. It allows us to understand who we’re interacting with and present the things that are going to be most relevant and meaningful to them.

Cipher ensures that every aspect of an experience works together to create memorable, and effective interactions for audiences and returns invaluable metrics to our collaborators.


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