D2D CRC team with tech company Sandpit to build Australian first Data Science Development tool - Sandpit

D2D CRC team with tech company Sandpit to build Australian first Data Science Development tool

Press Releases / 27 February 2018

by Sam Haren

Data to Decisions CRC is excited to announce the creation of the Data Science Competency Framework (DSCF), as part of its objective to build a sustainable big data workforce. This is an Australian first competency framework for data scientists. The framework defines a series of competencies specifically focused on describing the abilities, knowledge and experience required by data scientists, data engineers and data analysts.

By describing competencies, the DSCF underpins workforce development at the individual, team and organisational level.  It facilitates the identification of development needs, enhances role clarity, supports recruitment and the establishment of career pathways, which in turn enables teams working in the big data space to better achieve their outcomes.

To further support the development of the data workforce, D2D CRC is utilising the framework as a basis for the Data Science Development Planning Tool. The tool is an online self-assessment system that enables people to identify gaps in their competencies. In turn the tool provides development options for data scientists, data engineers and data analysts of any level.

D2D CRC has teamed with award-winning digital studio Sandpit, a fellow Base64 inhabitant, to develop the system. Sandpit create captivating, meaningful and highly personalised experiences in the online and physical world for clients Australia-wide.

“Both the framework and the tool will facilitate development, recognition and help managers bring the right mix of skills together for the team” said Education and Training Manager, Megan Prideaux.

“We are excited to be working with Sandpit, a local tech organisation, who are building the tool. Thanks to Sandpit’s impressive capabilities, the tool will be able to take people through the self-assessment in a considered, effective and easy-to-use way.”

The Data Science Development Planning Tool is expected to be completed later this year, with a small group of partner organisations already signed up to pilot it before making it more widely available.


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