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Edoc Laundry – Storytelling hidden in your clothes

Inspiration / 12 January 2016

This is exactly the off-the-wall idea that we love at Sandpit – what would happen if you combined Alternate Reality Gaming with a fashion label? That’s exactly what Elan Lee (founder of experience design companies 42 Entertainment and Fourth Wall Studios) and fashion designer Shane Small wondered before they dreamt up edoc Laundry, a short-lived, highly lateral lateral take on clothing’s potential as a communication medium.

The concept was that hidden within the design of each garment (through graphics, stitching, ink or fabric) were clues and secrets that could be entered into an online space to unlock a fragment of a murder mystery.

Each season of fashion is akin to a season of a TV Drama, with the story unfolding and building to a cliffhanger – as their founders said – like HBO but on your shirt!


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