About - Sandpit



Sandpit blends design and technology to create captivating experiences in the digital and physical world.

At Sandpit we are excited by the intersection of creativity, design thinking and technology to provide our collaborators opportunities to interact with and deeply understand their audiences.

We feel that broadcasting generic communications is not effective in creating a personal connection between our collaborators and their message. Instead, those we work with are looking for ways to meet audience expectations for interactive engagement that is meaningful and surprising.


The Sandpit Platform is our secret weapon – it’s a powerful and agile prototyping engine that underpins all of our projects and drives the experiences that Sandpit is known for.

Whether it be a landing page, web-connected object, NFC tag or virtual reality app, the Sandpit Platform speaks with them all. It allows us to understand who we’re interacting with and present the things that are going to be most relevant and meaningful to them.

The Sandpit Platform ensures that every aspect of an experience works together, to create memorable experiences for users, and more effectual interactions between our collaborators and their audiences.

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