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The Ripple Effect

THE BRIEF..........................

To create a personalised web application that serves highly relevant content to users in rural areas relating to suicide stigma.


THE PROJECT.........................

Sandpit worked with the National Centre for Farmer Health and beyondblue to create The Ripple Effect, a digital project that assists farming communities to fight suicide stigma.

In a typical year, 2500 Australians will die by suicide. For every suicide and attempted suicide, there is a ‘ripple effect’ that impacts friends, family, colleagues and entire communities. Many of us have been affected by suicide in some way—and yet, because of the stigma surrounding suicide, most of these experiences remain untold.

The Ripple Effect is a way to kickstart a healthy and open discussion about the effect suicide has on everyone in the farming community. The Ripple Effect is designed to speak to diverse people in the community, no matter where they might fit into the picture.

Sandpit made a national call out to the farming community around Australia by sending out reply-paid postcards. Contributors were asked to hand write their experience of suicide in their own community. Sandpit uploaded all of the responses to the Ripple Effect platform ready for them to be served back to users.

RE-casestudy_diagram (2)RE-casestudy_diagram (2)

To make sure the best content went to the right users Sandpit developed a custom personalisation engine which learns more about users the more they use the platform. Users are served back a combination of postcards, wellbeing text and videos generated in special workshops by men and women in the community sharing their own stories.


The Ripple Effect is funded by beyondblue with donations from the Movember Foundation. It is a partnership between Sandpit, the National Centre for Farmer Health (NCFH), Deakin University, Victorian Farmers’ Federation, AgChatOZ, Western District Health Service and Mental Illness Fellowship North Queensland.

THE TECHNOLOGY..........................

Personalisation engine, web, hand written postcards.

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WHAT'S BEEN SAID..........................

“We loved working with Sandpit for The Ripple Effect project. All our interactions were productive, stimulating and fun. Sandpit worked hard to understand our sensitivities, keep us on track for our launch date and delivered us a great digital intervention. Thank you”

Susan Brumby, Director
National Centre for Farmer Health


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