Services - Sandpit


Sandpit’s creative and technological capabilities can take you virtually anywhere.

From concept consultation to custom built hardware and everything in between, the Sandpit team can guide you the whole way through.

The first step is to engage one, many, or all of our services in the following four key areas:

Experience Strategy

Creative Design

Software & Web Development

Hardware Development


Experience Strategy


We can:

  • Research your project’s market and validate viability
  • Map your customer journey
  • Define a clear user-experience strategy
  • Train and mentor your team in design thinking and prototyping processes.

Want to see a few examples of our customer experience strategy work?




We can:

  • Develop original creative concepts for you, or refine yours
  • Design an engaging user interface or experience
  • Provide industrial design of any integrated physical structure or products
  • Produce all integrated video and audio

Want to see a few examples of our creative design work?


Software & Web


We can:

  • Develop powerful web and optimisation strategies
  • Create advanced web applications
  • Develope tailored, integrated apps
  • Provide agile project management

Want to see a few examples of our software development work?




We can:

  • Conduct technical feasibility assessments
  • Develop bespoke hardware and firmware
  • PCB design and manufacturing
  • Undertake rapid prototyping
  • Provide ongoing commercialisation support

Want to see a few examples of our hardware development work?

Would you like to know how we could collaborate together?

Send us a message and we’ll be in touch.

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