Tech-savvy storyteller Dan to inspire at Cultivator summit - Sandpit

Tech-savvy storyteller Dan to inspire at Cultivator summit

Press / 24 October 2016

DAN Koerner is creative director of Melbourne-based interactive experience design and technology agency Sandpit, and will be one of four speakers at Mildura’s 2016 Cultivator Conference this month.

Speaking to the Mildura Weekly recently, Dan, PICTURED, said his business aims to blend design and technology to create captivating experiences in the digital and physical world.

“We are a design studio, but we are unusual in the sense that we are interested in the real world, which has taken us to a whole bunch of places,” he said.

With a team of eight, Dan says he recruits people from a variety of industries to collaborate on national and international projects.

“We do interactive work and use directors, illustrators and designers to put the work together, so we have a different team all the time,” he said.

Collaborating with high profile companies including Google, Melbourne Zoo, Australian Centre for the Moving Image and Penguin Books, Dan believes the key to his company’s success is to put the audience first.

“We always put our audience in the centre of everything we do, and that can take a number of forms,” he said.

Originally from Renmark, Dan is looking forward to addressing the Cultivator audience in Mildura and inspiring young designers.

“I will be speaking a bit about our story and what we do, but will mostly talk about the humans we work with and introduce them to some people,” he said.

“SandPit has a real technology core, but I’ve always had a platform for storytelling and that’s the important part.

“To have empathy and understand the brief, immerse yourself and completely understand your audience.”

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