ACMI Has Revealed A New Virtual Reality Experience And It's Hauntingly Beautiful - Sandpit

ACMI Has Revealed A New Virtual Reality Experience And It’s Hauntingly Beautiful

Press / 13 October 2016

ACMI has just announced a cutting edge, immersive virtual reality project that invites audiences into the mind of ghosts.

Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid is an intimate virtual reality experience that invites audiences to become the ghosts of couple, Steve and Maude, and revisit the kitchen where they fell in love, grew old, and ultimately, grew apart.
The virtual reality experience is a collaboration between Google's Creative Lab, Grumpy Sailor and ACMI X resident, Sandpit, who are renowned for pioneering new creative technologies.

With a strictly limited daily capacity, the free event acts a meditation on our propensity to keep secrets, the words that go unheard, and what the consequences of it all has on relationships.

Catch it from Saturday October 29 to Sunday November 13 at ACMI.

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