I, Animal – new adults-only experience at Melbourne Zoo on Pieces of Victoria - Sandpit

I, Animal – new adults-only experience at Melbourne Zoo on Pieces of Victoria

Press / 4 December 2012

A world-first adventure designed for adults only is about to take over Melbourne Zoo.

I, Animal is a unique night-time experience that takes visitors on an after-hours, choose-your-own-adventure journey through the zoo.

Part theatre performance, part multimedia tour, part animal encounter I, Animal is an unexpected and provocative experience that is set to challenge preconceptions about what it means to be an animal, taking participants on a philosophical and emotional journey into their own humanity.

Led by the ethereal voice of the iPod Touch guide ‘Zöe’, visitors delve into the long and sometimes dark history of the zoo’s 150 years, exploring the nature of its most famous (and some not so famous) residents through a remarkable and magical storytelling experience.

Produced in collaboration with award-winning theatre company, the Border Project, I, Animal uses sophisticated technology developed by Art Processors, makers of the ‘O’ device at Hobart’s Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).

I, Animal commences nightly at 6.30pm from 23 November and will run 365 days of the year. Tickets cost $39 per person with bookings available online.

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