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Explore Melbourne Zoo With I, Animal on Broadsheet

Press / 23 November 2012

Starting this weekend, you can explore the secrets of the Melbourne Zoo after dark with I, Animal – an adults-only nocturnal experience.

When’s the last time you went to the Melbourne Zoo? For the first time when you were six? For your first date back when you were 15? For most of us, once we reach our twenties, the Zoo is the stuff of childhood memories. That is, of course, until we start becoming parents.

Melbourne Zoo is bringing something completely new to the table with their latest campaign I, Animal – a night of adventure at the Zoo dedicated entirely to adults.

Part multimedia experience, part choose-your-own-adventure tour (with the odd animal encounter and a touch of theatre), I, Animal is many things. But above all, this hour-long experience – produced in collaboration with Adelaide’s award-winning theatre company The Boarder Project – is unique re-engagement with one of Melbourne’s icons.

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