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The Zoo Host I, Animal on Beat

Press / 7 August 2012

Are you an animal fanatic? Have you always secretly wished to see what the lions really do at night? Then maybe I, Animal, the world-first, only adults, zoo experience is for you.

Launching in late November, I, Animal integrates, alcohol, food, multimedia and group interaction to bring light to those preconceptions of the animal kingdom and how it operates at night. You could be your own David Attenborough, if that tickles your fancy.

In collaboration with The Border Project, an iPod touch application has been created specifically for this event by Zoos Victoria. Called 'Zoe', the device will give you a guided history of the 150 year old Melbourne Zoo while you transverse through the butterfly house at night.

Essentially an experience for all animal buffs, I, Animal will launch at the Melbourne Zoo from Friday November 23 at 6.30pm. Tickets and more information can be found at Melbourne Zoo.

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