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You read it right, people. Some very clever (and slightly nutbag) folk have come up with one of the funnest digital-to-physical services we’ve seen. Boomf allows you to take nine of your favoured Instagram pics and prints them onto delicious, squidgy square marshmallows, delivered to your door in a box. Boomf “makes anything edible. Sunsets, kittens, Macchu Picchu, your Auntie Barbara. Devour your mates one by one after dinner, turn your selfies into a romantic gift for your significant other, or roast your ex over a bonfire.” We LOVE these people. And will be getting our order in soon…

Visit the Boomf website to find out more



This is exactly the off-the-wall idea that we love at Sandpit – what would happen if you combined Alternate Reality Gaming with a fashion label? That’s exactly what Elan Lee (founder of experience design companies 42 Entertainment and Fourth Wall Studios) and fashion designer Shane Small wondered before they dreamt up edoc Laundry, a short-lived, highly lateral lateral take on clothing’s potential as a communication medium.

The concept was that hidden within the design of each garment (through graphics, stitching, ink or fabric) were clues and secrets that could be entered into an online space to unlock a fragment of a murder mystery.

Each season of fashion is akin to a season of a TV Drama, with the story unfolding and building to a cliffhanger – as their founders said – like HBO but on your shirt!

BERG London and Dentsu have collaborated to prototype Suwappu – an augmented reality toy we reckon is pretty cool. Suwappu is a set of reconfigurable characters – atuna, a fox, a badger and a deer (you can follow them each on Twitter). With an accompanying app, the characters come to life to tell (slightly creepy) dynamic holographic stories via objected recognition and AR. You can swap the characters’ pants to affect their mood too! We think there’s really exciting opportunities here for the future of storytelling for an intimate, adult audience. Can’t wait to see where these little guys end up – and where BERG will take their exciting new BERG Cloud platform for connected devices.

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